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EMI Pro Sprague Rappaport Type Stethoscope

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5-Way Convertible Design makes “The Professional Color Coordinated Sprague” a better fit all around.

This one versatile instrument is really five stethoscopes in one…customize it to meet your changing needs. Color coordinated head and tubing are only the most visible difference. The Pro Sprague’s threaded chest piece drum permits the use of interchangeable chestpiece fittings to let you adapt your red, blue, or black scope to fit the patient and your own diagnostic needs. Five different chestpieces are included—1 adult and 1 pediatric diaphragm, plus 3 different size bells—to detect the entire range of heart and chest auscultation in patients of all ages and sizes. Adjustable chrome plated binaurals let you personalize the fit, and three different three styles of eartips are included for optimum comfort and isolation. The double tube configuration provides improved acoustic separation. What’s more, the Pro Sprague Stethoscope’s 22” late-free tubing comes in three attractive colors for easier identification…or personal preference. It even includes a small, compartmented, clear plastic roll-up case to carry all the accessories. No wonder this incredibly versatile, attractively priced stethoscope is roundly praised as an outstanding value.
  • 5-Way Convertible Design gives you 5 stethoscopes in one dependable, extremely versatile unit.
  • Threaded chest piece drum permits use of interchangeable chestpiece fittings to match diagnostic needs
  • Includes Large & Small Diaphragms (with spares); 3 different size bells; and 3 styles of eartips
  • Double tube configuration with adjustable chrome plated binaurals for improved acoustic separation
  • Includes a small soft plastic compartmented pouch
  • Choose Red, Blue, or Black tubing with color-coordinated diaphragm.

EMI Pro Sprague Accessory Kit


  • 2 Diaphragms:
    • LARGE DIAPHRAGM for general purpose use to detect heart sounds of low frequency, diastolic, and third heart sounds, as well as first and second heart sounds
    • SMALL DIAPHRAGM to hear high pitched infant heart sounds
  • 2 extra clear plastic diaphragm drums: spare parts, 1 each for small & large diaphragms
  • 3 Bell Chest Pieces: very useful options to pinpoint low and medium pitched sounds and murmurs
    • ADULT SIZE BELL for general use on most patients
    • MEDIUM SIZE BELL lets you concentrate on narrow spots, such as between ribs
    • INFANT SIZE BELL for infants and small children
  • 3 Pairs of Eartips: different sizes and styles offer interchangeable options for optimum fit and comfort
    • Flexible mushroom
    • Firm tear-drop
    • Soft clear silicone
  • 1 Accessory Case: compartmented clear-plastic roll-up pouch keeps all accessories and spares together. Fits easily in a pocket or medical bag.

Available in Red, Blue, or Black.

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