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EMI Multi Trauma EMS Response Kit

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Equip your department to handle the biggest incidents: Disasters, Mass Casualties, Multiple Patients…and you’ll always be ready for the small ones.

  • Everything you need to treat multiple medical and trauma emergencies
  • Large Cordura Nylon Trauma Bag keeps everything secure, organized, and easy to transport and store
  • Includes a complete selection of bandages, dressings, medical equipment, and multiple supplies
  • Zippered Compartments unfold to expose all supplies for fast access and efficient application.
  • Includes separate Emergency Response Holster Kit with Emergency Medical and Rescue Tools
  • Choose Complete Multi Trauma Kit, bag only, or Refill Kit with all consumable equipment and supplies
Respond with the most complete and effective portable kit available! The comprehensive EMI Multi Trauma Response Kit provides all the essential supplies and equipment for the treatment of multiple patients. Everything is packed in rugged, Cordura nylon Trauma Bag with compartments and specialized pockets that let you keep everything secure, organized, and easy to find. Once all compartments are unzipped, they unfold outward to make the bag into a portable Multi Trauma Treatment Center—exposing all your supplies for faster access and efficient application.

The Multi Trauma™ Response Bagdesigned for organization and immediate deployment. The large, durable, bright orange nylon trauma bag is made to carry it all, and make everything available with relative ease. It has one deep side pocket plus an extra-large front pocket with three internal compartments containing a variety of elastic loops to secure your equipment. The top lid is actually a full-length compartment, approximately 22” x 10” x 2” deep, to hold your burn sheets and large dressings. It opens up to form a deep, vertical side pocket with expandable zippered gussets that open wide to make all its contents easy to separate and see. The spacious main compartment has adjustable divided storage areas and interior storage pockets at each end. A reinforced waterproof rubber bottom makes the bag even more durable…able to keep your supplies safe and dry in bad weather and on wet surfaces. Comfortable molded rubber carry handles at the top and one side, and a 2-inch adjustable carrying strap make the big bag easy to transport and store. Its bright orange color and yellow reflective trim make it easy to see in any light. Ask about custom embroidery to make the bag uniquely your own. Outside dimensions: approx. 24” x 10” x 10”.

Includes a separate Emergency Response Holster Kit with a tough, black nylon holster and an assortment of the Emergency Medical Tools you use most.

EMI Multi Trauma™ Response Kit Contains the following:


  • 4 - Multi Trauma Dressings
  • 2 - Burn Sheets
  • 4 - Burn/Blood Stopper Bandages
  • 3 - 4 ½” Krinkle Gauze Roll
  • 5 - 3” Sterile Conforming Bandage
  • 5 - 4” Sterile Conforming Bandage
  • 12 - 5” x 9” Abdominal pads
  • 24 - 4” x 4” Sterile Pads
  • 1 - Box of 1” x 3” Adhesive Bandages
  • 4 - Triangular Bandages
  • 4 - 1” Adhesive Tape


  • 2 - Disposable Airway Kits
  • 4 - CPR Lifeshields
  • 5 - Plastic Bite Sticks


  • 8 - Instant Ice Packs (5” x 9”)
  • 21 - Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  • 1 - Box Ammonia Inhalants


  • 5 - Thermal Rescue Blankets
  • 4 - Bio-Hazard Bags 10” x 12”
  • 40 - Latex Gloves
  • 6 - Molded Surgical Masks
  • 1 - Adult Nylon Blood Pressure Cuff
  • 2 - EMI Flexible Splints
  • 3 - Deluxe EMS Shears
  • 1 - Disposable Penlights, Six Pack
  • 1 - Trilogy Rescue Knife w/case
  • 1 - Standard Window Punch
  • 4- Triage ID Bands- 8 Pack Adult


  • 1 - Deluxe EMS Shears
  • 2 - 5 1/2" Bandage Scissors
  • 2 - 5 1/2" Straight Kelly Forceps
  • 1 - Multipurpose Rescue Shears
  • 1 - Standard Window Punch w/Clip
  • 2 - Dual Head Stethoscopes
  • 1 - Life Saver Plus Seat Belt Cutter
  • 1 - Life Float Seat Belt Cutter

NOTE:Design and construction of this bag limits placement of embroidery to top of bag or side pocket.

#822 Multi-Trauma Response Kit: including the bag (Orange) and all contents listed above
#828 Multi-Trauma Response Kit Refill: includes contents listed above EXCEPT the Multi-Response Bag and Emergency Response Holster Kit with its contents

This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device which is regulated by the FDA. This product may have regulations or restrictions in some states. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable federal, state or local laws.

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