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Dicke Pro-B-Lite Sequential Barricade Lights

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Designed to improve driver recognition of merging tapers resulting from work zones and lane closures, Dicke’s Pro-B-Lites help keep drivers and workers safe.

Dicke’s Pro-B-Lite Sequential Barricade Lights have been independently tested and proven to improve nighttime temporary work zone and incident safety by alerting drivers of upcoming merging tapers.

These intelligent wireless sequential lights can be set up and deployed in any order, with no master-slave relationship. Once activated, the lights steady-burn in low-intensity mode and pulse momentarily to higher intensity to keep drivers in their proper path, thus enabling smooth and gradual traffic movement from one lane to another and protecting workers.

Featuring durable polypropylene bodies and high-impact polycarbonate lenses, Dicke’s Pro-B-Lites perform well in all weather conditions and are always ready for quick, easy deployment.

  • Polypropylene bodies and high impact polycarbonate lenses provide durable performance in all weather conditions
  • High intensity superbright LEDs are visible in all lighting conditions and current-controlled to maintain a constant light output as battery voltage drops
  • Wireless sequential lights can be deployed in any order, with no master-slave relationship, and enable smooth and gradual traffic movement from one lane to another
  • Lights steady-burn in low intensity mode and pulse momentarily to higher intensity to keep motorists in their proper path and protect workers
  • Each light comes standard with a carrying handle
  • PROBASE-5 charging base starts recharging lights on contact and stores easily in the trunk of any vehicle
  • Provides a reliable alternative to flares
  • Includes five lights and charging base
  • ITE, VCA, and NCHRP-350 crash compliant
  • FHWA MUTCD 6.F.13 compliant
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Power Supply
Assuming five lamps are used, the initial current drawn should be 750mA max DC. The lights will stay fully charged for 16 hours. A 2 amp inline fuse is recommended.

ProBase 5
Designed to fit comfortably inside the trunk of any vehicle, the ProBase 5 charging base is manufactured from high-impact ABS with stainless steel contacts for corrosion-free operation. When the Pro-B-Lites need to be recharged, the user just needs to place the lights, facing either direction, into the charger base. The lights and the base will make charge contact automatically, and the circuitry incorporated into each light will regulate the charge. The charge indicator light will illuminate to let the user know that the lights are charging. The ProBase 5 is supplied with a 12V plug adapter and a 6 foot cord.

Make sure that the lights are fully charged before operation. The lights may be switched on by pressing the concealed switch. As there is no master light, the lights can be placed in any order. Up to 15 lights may be placed in a line spaced from 7 ft. to 33 ft. apart from each other.
Opaque lenses must face in the same direction. Lights may be placed with a stagger of up to 5 ft. The lenses may be rotated on the body as necessary to achieve the appropriate effect.
When the lights are placed in line and activated, they give the impression of a single light source traveling along the lights from front to back, forming an effective guiding path for drivers to follow.


Flash Rate
60 flashes per minute.
Operating Time on Full Charge
Blue in excess of 7 hrs.
Amber and Red in excess of 24 hrs.
Operating Temperature
-30° to +165° F. All circuitry within the lights is fully "burn-in" tested for 24 hrs @ +/- 113° F and moisture protected.
Each light weighs 1.5 lbs. (.69 kg)
Polypropylene body provides durable performance in all weather conditions. Lenses are made of high impact polycarbonate in amber, blue, or red. All lights have standard carrying handles.
5 lights complete with charger base: 8.5" wide x 19" long x 14" tall.

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