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Dick Medical Supply Metal Swivel Speed Clip Spineboard Straps

$12.99 - $30.99
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Durable spineboard straps for use with pinned spineboard

For the spineboards with speed clip pins these straps offer an economical alternative for securing your straps to the spine board. Sturdy metal speed clips attachments that swivel to accommodate any securing angle. There is no upside down errors with the swivel attachment so there is no frustration with securing a strap that was attached the wrong way. Easily moved from pin to pin for flexibility securing options.

Sturdy metal push button closures or plastic slide release offer a confident comfortable fit for the patient. Available in various materials including: nylon, polypropylene, impervious, and ultra guard urethane.

The standard in spineboard straps for years the nylon strap is one of the most popular materials. The nylon straps are made from Nylon 6 material with a 2 up 2 down twill 4 panel weave.  Breaking strength is 6,000 lbs and offers outstanding strength and durability. 

Offered in lengths of 5’ or 7'.  Colors are: Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Maroon.

These straps offer an economical advantage over the other materials.  The polypropylene material is extremely lightweight, 2” wide, and offers 1800 lb break strength. 

When you need straps and budgets come into play the polypropylene strap offer a wonderful alternative to the more recognized material.

Offered in lengths of 5’ or 7'.  Colors are: Black, Orange, Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Similar to the Urethane material the impervious straps offer a barrier against blood born pathogens and other liquids which could penetrate the strap material. The impervious material is constructed of 1000 denier thread count with a PVC covering, 2” wide, and offers 525 lb break strength. 

Offered in lengths of 5’, 7', or 9'.  Colors are: Black, Orange, Blue, or Yellow.

Ultra Guard Urethane:
Resistant to ALL blood born pathogens and fluids making these straps the easiest to keep clean and in service!

Just got back to the station from a biohazard nightmare call and your spine board straps are covered with bodily fluids?  No worries with Dick Medical Supply Ultra Guard Urethane straps; they won’t be affected by the mess and will clean up with no hassles or soaking for hours.  These straps are completely resistant to all forms of bodily fluids, dirt, grime, oils and anything else that might be encountered in the unpredictable world of EMS.

Offered in lengths of 5’ or 7'.  Colors are Orange or Yellow. All Urethane straps are 2" wide.

  • 2” material on all straps
  • Push button metal buckle or plastic slide release closures
  • Metal swivel speed clip attaches straps quickly
  • 5’ or 7’ long
  • Various colors available depending on material (Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Maroon)
Sold as a two-piece single strap.


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