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DQE Standard Decontamination Shower

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Standard Decontamination Shower

The Standard Decontamination Shower is the industry's leading stand-alone hazmat decon solution, offering quick set-up, victim privacy, thorough decontamination and easy clean up. This decon shower unit can be configured to accommodate fully, semi, and even non-ambulatory victims.

The hazmat decontamination shower assembles quickly with unique quick-connects, has a fully collapsible design, stores and transports in two vinyl carry bags, and has a privacy enclosure with translucent roof for privacy and safety.

  • Four shower heads plus an independent hand-held sprayer
  • Total output: 16.8 gpm (4.2 gpm per shower head)
  • Dimensions:
    • Assembled 42" x 36" x 84"
    • Unassembled 74" x 27" x 27" (approx.)
  • Single water inlet: standard garden hose
  • Approximate set-up time: 3-4 minutes (based on two trained responders)
  • Meets the flow rates, spray pattern, and other performance characteristics set by the ANSI/ISEA 113-2013 standard
  • Shipping Weight: 105 lb
  • Standard Decontamination Shower
  • Vinyl enclosure (not included in HM1001CB)
  • Handheld sprayer with 8' hose
  • Vinyl carry bags for the shower (2)
  • Ground stakes and straps to secure unit in high winds
Excerpt from the FEMA Technical Decontamination Support Systems Assessment Report
The DQE decontamination shower received the highest evaluator capability, usability, affordability, maintainability, and composite scores.

Evaluators reported that the six adjustable DQE shower heads provided a consistent, encompassing spray. The spray completely covered the evaluators from multiple directions during the assessment rotations, and the accessory spray nozzle allowed the evaluators to rinse the bottom of boots and other difficult-to-reach areas.

In addition to the excellent spray coverage, the evaluators pointed out that the shower was very water efficient. Evaluators stated that the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe frame was rugged and well-constructed, and the color-coded quick-connect pipe connectors made setup and takedown quick and easy.

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