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Cyalume LightShape 3in. Circle Marker, 4 Hour Duration

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Great for medical triage during mass casualty incidents.

The self-adhesive 3” LightShape Circle Markers can be used for medical triage, evacuation procedures, room clearing, trail marking, and many other applications. Activation is easy! Just press, snap, and shake and within a short time the color will cover the diameter. Peel the paper backing and adhere to any surface.

  • LightShape Circle Markers are available in a variety of colors
    • Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange
  • Provides 4 hours of illumination
  • Made in the USA

Available in 10 circles per pack Case

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"If we were to utilize these to mark a driveway in a rurual setting, would they sustain fire and ambulance apparatus running them over in the short term?"

Chief, 1st time we ever had this asked? When you say running over for a short period, are you saying less than the 4 hours, and marking the driveways do you mean just the entrances of the driveways?If you are not going to be driving on them for a long period of time, we think they might work for you

"I have a question that was recently answered regarding the ability to run over the markers.... We are in a rural location, so my question was geared to our ability to put one of the markers down to mark difficult driveways for subsequent units responding in. So they would need to sustain being driven over only for a short time, then theynwould be picked up & discarded. I hope that clarifies the original question."

Chief/Brad, Like we said in the 1st inquiry we think this would work for you, when you mark the end of the driveway your putting it down at or near the entrance of the driveway, whats the likely hood of you driving on it every time you go in and out of the driveway. Also working in your flavor wouldn't you have someone staged at the driveway if this if this turns into a long period of time. Yes we think this will work for you.

"Can you see these in smoke conditions????"

Hi Steve, yes and no, it's going to depend on how heavy / thick the smoke is. Not the best answer for you but these are not made to be seen in smoke, and yet they can be seen to a certain degree, they are not the way to go for marking your way in or out.