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Bullard USRX Rescue Helmet with ESS Goggles, Dual Certified

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USRX rescue helmets are designed Bullard Tough™ for extreme search and rescue conditions.

  • Thermoplastic Outer Shell: The outer shell of the USRX is made of the same high-heat Ultem thermoplastic engineered in Bullard PX structural fire helmets. Supplied in seven colors- red, white, yellow, black, blue, orange and lime-yellow- Ultem provides unparalleled impact and penetration resistance.
  • Custom Comfort: Bullard exclusive U-Fit System offers 12 custom comfort settings. By engineering our helmets to include 12 points of adjustment, you can adjust the ride and balance of your helmet.
  • M-PACT™ Shell: Superior protection is provided by Bullard’s patented M-PACT shell with SmartRidge design, providing increased protection while remaining lightweight.
  • Scotchlite reflective trim: Highest quality reflective material available; retains reflectivity to 500º F (260º C).
  • Sure-Lock® ratchet headband with comfort brow pad: Sure-Lock is the top performing ratchet headband, made exclusively by Bullard. Comfort brow pad is removable and washable or replaceable. Ratchet comes standard with a cushioned leather ratchet cover for optimal comfort.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: USRX helmets are designed from the start to make maintenance simple and cost effective. Fewer components and one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry, make your USRX a long-term investment.
  • Eye Protection Made Easy: Bullard USRX Series helmets come standard with the new and innovative Quick-Attach Blade system. This system permits the firefighter to simply press on or off either a blade-mounted faceshield or blade-mounted goggle in seconds. This model comes with ESS Goggles.
This dual-certified rescue and structural firefighting helmet incorporates recommendations from USAR teams and other fire and rescue professionals. The result is an integrated assembly of advanced materials and quality components that provide superior head protection, comfort and proven long-lasting durability.

The USRX helmet is certified to both structural fire and rescue NFPA standards.
  • NFPA 1951-2013: Standard for Technical Rescue Incidents (USAR)
  • NFPA 1971-2013: Standard for Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting
Please Note: We can only sell this product to our customers in North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada).

4" Leather Fronts are available here.

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Comfort Plus


This product is a great fitting and easy to adjust helmet. I use it as a race track medic and it allows for ease of use during vehicle extrication and patient treatment on and off the track. The weight is such that there are times you may even forget it is there.

Excellent Dual Purpose Helmet


I serve professionally as an EMT and technical rescue technician for a county EMS agency. I hold certifications in all disciplines of rescue including USAR and occasionally volunteer with a local fire department when I have free time. I purchased this helmet so that I could cover all of the rescue disciplines (excluding swiftwater) and structural firefighting if need be. This helmet has received extensive at rope and auto extrication scenes, and has been used for several technician level USAR courses; with no damage or deficits excluding scratches. The ability to adjust the internal headband allows it to be used in conjunction with various headsets including those that accompany search cameras. The ear flaps can easily be removed if not needed or rolled up and tucked away if you still want them on the helmet. Additionally, I have utilized an ARFF proximity cover on the helmet during structural firefighting training, and it fits very well over the helmet, something that I have had problems with using other helmet models. I was attracted to this helmet primarily due to the fact that it is dual certified, but also because of the price. Even with goggles it is substantially lower than other helmets in the dual certification category. My only complaint about the helmet is the fact that it does seem to sit decently high on the head of its user. It is not so much that it detracts from operation or causes issues while operating in vehicles or confined space environments, but I still feel as though it could sit lower and still offer protection. The bottom line is that my helmet has certainly not had an easy life, and it is no where near over. That being said this helmet has performed tremendously and at an affordable price. If I had to buy another helmet, it would be this one... Although I don't think I will need to replace it any time soon.

Goggles not good for glasses


Nice Helmet, just not good for anyone that has glasses, will NOT fit glasses

Great Small Helmet...


Great Helmet, love wearing it on wrecks and brush fire..

Used these for years!


My department has used this as our standard issue helmet for over 10 years. It is just like a fire helmet in construction it just lacks the large brim off the back. Works great for my EMS crews. We use the different colors to designate rank as well. We use it primarily for safety on the interstate and during extrication scenes. We also have on a limited basis used it for rope rescue work however it is heavy for that application and lacks ventilation. Overall it is a well constructed helmet with a good strap system and decent amount of size adjustment via a dial at the back of the retention system.

Solid piece of ppe


Exactly what is needed for my safety.