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Bullard LTX Series Helmet

$284.39 - $294.39
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The Firedome LT structural fire helmet is the result of 20 years of Bullard thermoplastic technology and engineering expertise.

Featuring a completely new streamlined design, LT Series helmets incorporate recommendations from leading veteran fire and federal government professionals, making the LT designed for firefighters, by firefighters.

The result? An integrated assembly of advanced materials and quality components that provide industry leading head protection, and proven long-lasting durability.
Tough and Durable Protection. Bullard Tough. 
The outer shell of the LT is made of the same high-heat Ultem thermoplastic engineered in Bullard PX structural fire helmets. Supplied in seven colors- red, white, yellow, black, blue, orange and lime-yellow- Ultem provides unparalleled impact and penetration resistance.

Quick, Easy Sizing 
The Bullard Sure-Lock ratched headband offers both a quick-turn of the knob and a new, unique 3-position height adjuster to create that personalized fit for balance, comfort and a stable, positive interface with respiratory equipment.

Eye Protection Made Easy 
Bullard LT Series helmets come standard with the all new and innovative Quick-Attach Blade system. This system permits the firefighter to simply press on or off either a blade-mounted faceshield or blade-mounted goggle in seconds. This flexability gives the firefighter the advantage of the right option for the right application without time consuming component changes.

Cost-Effective Maintenance 
LT helmets are designed from the start to make maintenance simple and cost effective. Fewer components and the greatest cost effectiveness in the industry, enhance your long term investment.

LT helmets meet or exceed the performance specifications of NPFA 1971-2013 as certified by SEI.

Please Note: We can only sell this product to our customers in North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada). 

4" Leather Fronts are sold separately.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Bullard LTX


Used for structural firefighting and vehicle rescue operations. Small form factor is ok for vehicle operations but provides less protection in fire operations. Also is not designed well for larger heads.

first time goggles


I got his helmet to replace an earlier one I had. I also decided to try goggles instead of the shield. So I cannot say a lot about that feature. I have gotten an Underwater Kinetics light and mount because I like hands free as much as possible. I have added a rubber strap for small wedges. I do not like a lot added to my helmet for weight. It makes it awkward getting used to. I will be using it mostly around our air/ rehab truck.

Compact and Versatile


Have done some vehicle extrication with this. The smaller size works well for getting into tighter places that a larger helmet would restrict. Also did some hazmat training with it on. The light weight made it easier to handle wearing the helmet for a few hours in a row. It ended up being a lot lighter than my old helmet.

good usage device


I use this when directing traffic as a fire police