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Boston Leather Radio Holder for the Motorola APX 6000xe

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Custom Built for the Motorola APX 6000xe (Models 2.5 and 3.5) and features D-rings that allows connection to the 6543 Radio Strap 


  • Interior Width : 2.4"
  • Interior Depth (Front to Back) : 1.5"
  • Front Height : 2.2" + (1.7" x 2.7" Window) + .7"
  • Back Height : 6.1"

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Works well for me


Pay no attention to the other review. We just switched to the apx6000xe radio. This case is fine for the radio. I can access all needed buttons without difficulty. Not sure why the other reviewer is so discontent. He apparently bought the wrong case.

Custom fit


Fits the radio perfectly with good access to all the controls and LCD screens. This will only work with the standard battery. If you use the extended battery, it will move the radio up in the holster and misalign the access the the controls. Maybe that's what the first guy is trying to do.

Perfect fit !


Well constructed. Fits the radio nicely. This is designed for use with the standard sized battery. If you have the larger extended size battery, this will not fit properly.


"Will this fit the 6000xe with the extended duration battery?"

T-Love, here are the sizing listings i took from our web page Interior Width : 2.4"" Interior Depth (Front to Back) : 1.5"" Front Height : 2.2"" + (1.7"" x 2.7"" Window) + .7"" Back Height : 6.1""

"Does this holder come with the stud on the back that will allow it to be held on a duty belt?"

Terence, not sure we know what you are talking about ""stud on the back"", but we're pretty sure there isn't a stud on this.

"Does this case come with the Motorola D-clip on the back to hold it on a belt with the Motorola D-Clip receiver?"

This does not come with a Motorola D clip on the case, however it doesn't mean it's not available, go onto the Boston Leather web site and contact them to see if they can or will do this.

"In reference to Motorola,s APX6000XE. We have departments using two different batteries NNTN7033 with Case #PMLN5877 and NNTN8092 with case # PMLN5875. Do you supply two different cases for this application."

Good question, we will send you a sizing chart, check the chart against the different cases to see if anything will fit.

"Is this available in brown leather?"

Hi Casey, sorry black only

"I'm needing a carrying case for a APX6000XE with full key pad and a large 4100 mhx battery"

Bill, we will forward you a Boston Leather sizing chart

"Will this fit the Apx 8000 xe radio with the regular battery?"

Jeff, we don't see a case for this model portable, we are sending you ""cheat sheets"" from Boston Leather for you to look at and check size's

"What is the model number of this holder?"

According to the web page this is a 5611RC-1