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Boston Leather Open-Top Flashlight Holder For Streamlight PolyStinger

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This flashlight holder features an open top and belt loop attachment. Fits Streamlight Stinger, Stinger LED and PolyStinger Flashlights. Constructed of high quality, top grain leather There is a choice of plain and basketweave finishes.

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"There are 4 Polystinger models in this flashlight family each with different lengths from 7.4"" to 10"". Also in this family are 9 different models of Stinger flashlights of varying lengths including 7.38"", 7.65"", 7.7"", 8.41"", 8.85"", 9.23"", 9.65"" and an Ultra stinger which comes in at 11.75"", Since the holster description doesn't even mention its length, which of the above flashlights will the holster accomodate without the flaslight sticking up too much at the top?!?!?!?"

Papi, I'm sending you a separate email from Boston Leather spec sheets

"No actual dimensions given, so I want to make sure it is compatible with the streamlight polystinger #76514. Will this holster be too short and the flashlight stick too far up?"

Nope, this is the one you want for the polystinger.

"Will this fit the Stinger DS LED HL light"

Yes it will fit. The light is snug, but not too snug.