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Baselayer Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt, NFPA 1975 for TPP

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No Melt. No Drip*. No Sweat. PRICES JUST REDUCED!

A layer of protection no soldier, police officer, or firefighter can afford to be without.  This underwear is much more than something to wear under your street clothes. TRU-SPEC® Cordura Baselayer garments are designed and manufactured especially for military and public safety professionals who are exposed to the dangers of flash fires…and the kind of heat that can build up under body armor, turnout gear, or a strenuous day on any job. It’s made of a new CORDURA® NYCO knit fabric—an innovative 60/40 cotton/nylon jersey that offers exceptional thermal performance without the chance of melting or dripping like a polyester. This soft, durable miracle blend can not only reduce the severity of burn injuries, it breathes, wicks away moisture, and dries fast—for advanced body temperature regulation. It might look and feel like lightweight t-shirt material, but it’s tough as nails and simply more comfortable, more durable, more versatile and much more protective than 100% cotton. TRU-SPEC makes it into one of the most desirable, most cost-effective collections of functional apparel in the world. Consider these practical characteristics:

  • A safer, more comfortable baselayer under body armor, turnouts and other protective gear; Class A or B uniforms, TDUs, BDUs, station wear…or whatever your duty demands
  • Use it as a great-looking casual shirt that offers more than just comfort and good looks
  • 60/40 cotton/nylon baselayer body breathes, wicks away moisture, dries quickly
  • CORDORA® Baselayer fabrics No Melt, No Drip* technology helps protect against flash fires; reduces the severity of burn injuries*
  • Certified to meet NFPA Standards for Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) and Stability*; ASTM Standards for Flammability*
  • NO MELT. NO DRIP. CORDURA® Baselayer won’t melt or drip like polyester, so it offers protection against flash fires and blasts of extreme heat.
  • NO SWEAT. CORDURA® brand Baselayer absorbs moisture much more quickly than 100% cotton. It actually wicks moisture away from the skin and dries 2.5 times faster than 100% cotton.
  • MORE DURABLITY. With greater strength-to-weight ratio than cotton and exceptional abrasion resistance, CORDURA® brand Baselayer fabric is much less susceptible to holes, tears and snags.
  • EXTREME COMFORT. CORDURA® brand Baselayer is ultra soft to the touch and against the skin. The fabric actually breathes and allows air to reach the body, so it’s as comfortable to wear as it is safe. Plus TRU-SPECCORDURA Baselayer undergarments are made with flat seam construction to reduce friction and with offset shoulder seams to avoid seam stacking.

Choose it for comfort and wear it for safety. Buy it because you CAN. TRU-SPEC has gone a step beyond, making these garments safe, comfortable and affordable for small agencies and departments; even for individual police, security, and military personnel. If you want to dress for more protection in the line of fire and more comfort, in uniform or out, this is the way to start.

  • Moisture wicking undergarment made entirely of No Melt, No Drip 60/40 cotton/nylon CORDORA® Brand Baselayer fabric.
  • Exceptional moisture wicking and ultra-fast drying for better temperature regulation and comfort under all conditions
  • A safer, more comfortable baselayer under body armor, turnouts and other protective gear; Class A or B uniforms, TDUs, BDUs, station wear…or whatever your duty demands
  • Crew neck provides comfort and versatile good looks
  • Ribbed knit neck with double needle cover stitch for extra durability
  • Shoulder seams are offset to minimize rubbing and chafing that can come from seams getting stacked
  • Field tested to ensure dependable service under the most challenging conditions.
  • Certified to meet NFPA Standard 2112 for Thermal Protective Performance (TPP); Thermal Stability* per NFPA 1975*;
  • Certified to meet ASTM 6413-99 Standard for Flammability*
  • Made in U.S.A.; Berry Compliant

The Long and Short of it.
TRU-SPEC CORDURA® brand Baselayer garments include a full range of styles and colors to fit your working conditions, climate, mission, departmental regulations and personal preferences. This is underwear, after all.


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