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Allied Healthcare Disposable Oxygen Bag Valve Mask

$59.99 - $119.99
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Allied Healthcare's Disposable Bag Valve Mask enables you to perform accurate, dependable manual ventilation on a single patient.

The bag valve mask (BVM) offers accurate, dependable operation coupled with the ability to manually feel a patient’s respiratory response, all in a tamper-proof package for single patient use. Every BVM comes with a bag, patient valve, and 7 feet of oxygen tubing. Most child and all infant bags come with a pop-off relief valve, which pops off at 45 cm H20 max and can be overridden by the operator. When specific repeatable concentrations of oxygen are required, the bag refill valve can be employed in conjunction with a blender. When used as oxygen supplemented source, this device also ensures high FIO2 concentrations on every bag compression — no matter which clinical rate is employed. It will also conserve gas in the process by operating only while the bag refills.

  • BVM are composed of thermoplastic rubber (a latex-free synthetic material)
  • High density polyethylene deflector
  • Available in Adult, child, and infant sizes
  • Infant BVM has built in pop off valve
  • Sold as individuals or case quantities of 6


  • Bag Volume: Adult: 1488 ml; Child: 665 ml; Infant: 258 ml
  • Patient valve dead space: 7.8 ml (not including mask)
  • Patient connection:22 mm outside diameter, 15 mm inside diameter
  • PEEP connection: 30 mm outside diameter
  • Operating temperature: –30°F to 125°F
  • Storage temperature: –40°F to 160°F

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"Must the adult bag be used in conjunction with O2?"

The bag valve mask is designed to be utilized with supplimental oxygen but this does not mean that the device can not function without an oxygen source. Without supplimental oxygen the overall percentage of oxygen delivered is greatly reduced.

"is the entire unit just for one time use?"

Yes, this entire product is meant to be disposable; one time use only.

"Does the bag come with the one way valve and the mask?"

All bag valve masks are required to have a one way valve.

"What is the shelf life of this product?"

This product has an anticipated product life of 5 years.

"Does it come with the mask?"

Yes this is the full bag valve mask.

"The photo is difficult to see. Is the unit all one piece or is the mask portion detachable to attach the ambu bag to an endotracheal tube?"

These can be detached.

"So it sounds like there's no way of practicing and getting familiar with the product since it's only good for one use. Is there any way around this?"

Buy more than one.