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Allied Healthcare Auto Vent 4000 Automatic Transport Ventilator With CPAP

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The Auto Vent 4000 Automatic Transport Ventilator combines the capabilities of ventilation and Continued Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) in one system.

The first ventilator designed expressly for the EMS professional with CPAP, the Auto Vent 4000 offers an EMT or paramedic a wide range of patient applications to meet a majority of critical emergency care situations. This ventilator is equipped with a manual breath button and an anti breath-stacking feature. The critical ventilation parameters of Breaths Per Minute, Inspiratory Time, Tidal Volume, and Airway Pressure Relief can be independently set by the user to fit the needs of a given situation. A large color coded Manometer Gauge along with a full set of alarms ensures optimal performance and patient safety. Even in extreme temperatures or harsh and toxic environments, the compact, durable, and pneumatically powered Auto Vent 4000 is capable of providing effective ventilation support to both adult and child patients.


  • Gas Supply Pressure: 40.6-87.0 psi oxygen DISS
  • Breaths Per Minute: Accuracy: +/-10%
  • Range: 1 second inspiratory time=0-30 bpm
  • Range: 2 second inspiratory time=0-20 bpm
  • Tidal Volume: Accuracy: +/-10% with 100% oxygen
  • Range: 1 second inspiratory time=200ml-600ml
  • Range: 2 second inspiratory time=400ml-1200ml
  • Inspiratory Time: Accuracy: +/-10%
  • Safety Pressure Relief: Adjustable from 20-80cm H2O +/-10%
  • Low Source Gas Alarm: Activates at 275-262 kPa (40-38 psi)
  • Oxygen Inlet Filter: 65 micron sintered bronze
  • Burst Pressure: 250 psig minimum (1724 kPa)
  • Leakage: Designed so oxygen does not leak through any seals or fittings
  • Gauge: 0-100 cm H2O (accuracy +/-2%)
  • Inspiratory and Expiratory Resistance: 5 cm H2O maximum
  • Inadvertent PEEP: < 2 cm H2O
  • Inadvertent Continuing Expiratory Pressure: < 2 cm H2O
  • Dead Space: <5.5% of minimum tidal volume
  • Peak Inspiratory Flow: 100 lpm for 2 seconds
  • Pressure for Initiation of Breath: -2 cm H2O maximum
  • Operating Conditions: 0-122 degrees F
  • Storage and Shipping: -40-140 degrees F
  • Oxygen Concentration: 100-65% with mixing
  • Dimensions: 3 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and transport ready
  • Designed to perform in harsh and toxic environments
  • Assembles quickly
  • Impact resistant case with shock absorbing bumpers and recessed control settings
  • Rate and volume settings independently operated.
  • Easy to monitor patient valve assembly and toxic atmosphere valve are able to deliver additional breaths on demand by inspiratory effort of the patient
  • Operates at extreme temperatures
  • Pneumatically powered, batteries not required.
  • Manual Breath Button
  • Adult and Child settings
  • Allows for PEEP attachment

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