LED Lenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable Headlamp

LED Lenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable Headlamp

LED Lenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable Headlamp LED Lenser

LED Lenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable Headlamp

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iXEO 19R Rechargeable Headlamp

Advanced Focus System Traditionally, light-focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. The Advanced Focus System (AFS) is the patented combination of a reflector AND lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close reading. AFS means whether you're reading a map up close or focusing down the path to a landmark in the distance, your light will be easy on the eyes, clear and bright.

Smart Light Technology allows you to program your light functions to the task at hand. Three light functions (Power, Low Power, and Defense Strobe) are easily operated with full or half clicks, ensuring your focus will be on the job, not on your light.

OPTISENSE Technology Thanks to an integrated brightness sensor, light around you can be measured in real time with OPTISENSE Technology. The intensity of your headlamp automatically adjusts based on the brightness in the environment around you, tailoring your light to your activity without fiddling with buttons or switches.

  • Lumens: 2000 High | 200 Low
  • Beam distance: 300m High | 100m Low
  • Run Time: 4h High | 20h Low
  • Water Resistance: IPX6
  • Battery: Li-ion Battery Pack
  • Recharge time: 8h
  • Weight: 16.85 oz | 478 g
  • Advanced Focus System®
  • Smart Light TechnologyTM (Advanced)
  • OPTISENSE® Technology
  • X-Lens Technology
  • Tiltable Head
  • Independent Focusing Lenses
  • Variety of attachment capabilities
  • Power box
  • Power supply
  • Adaptor cable
  • Extension cable
  • Helmet connecting kit
  • Waist Clip

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