PerSys Secure IV - IV Securing Strap

PerSys Secure IV - IV Securing Strap

PerSys Secure IV - IV Securing Strap PerSys Medical

PerSys Secure IV - IV Securing Strap

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IO/IV Line Securing Device and IV Constricting Band

Achieving rapid vascular access and maintaining a secure IV line are critical in battlefield and pre-hospital care. The Secure IV by PerSys Medical offers both of these capabilities in one easy-to-use, disposable device.

  • 2 IV applications in 1 device; constricting band and Secure IV
  • Quickly secure an IV line, even on wet, sweaty, or dirty skin
  • Eliminates the need for tape
  • Compact and disposable
  • Quick click connector with a double secure line feature
  • Use on intraosseous as well as IV access
  • Ideal for field and pre-hospital care
  • Noninvasive, painless removal
IV catheters must be secured prior to patient transport. This is particularly challenging in a field environment or in trauma settings. The Secure IV is effective under the most adverse conditions and prevents IV line displacement or kinking as patients are moved. Unlike tape adhesives which can be rendered ineffective by sweat, humidity, and body fluids, the Secure IV stands up to the most extreme physical and environmental factors.

Originally designed for the Armed Forces, the Secure IV provides strong protection against accidental line pulls. It utilizes the simplicity of a flexible Velcro® strap adjusted to fit each casualty, combined with a quick click connector for securing an IV line. The Secure IV enables quick and easy application on wrists, arms, or legs.

The device is effective on wet, sweaty, or dirty skin, in emergency situations and field environments. Lightweight and compact, the Secure IV will fit in any paramedic kit, while its unique features make it an ideal solution in the most challenging settings.

The Secure IV functions as an IV constricting band as well as an IV securing device, enabling quick and easy IV access. The ability to rapidly achieve and maintain IV access prior to transport is a critical component of casualty stabilization. The Secure IV’s innovative design ensures responders are able to quickly stabilize casualties and save lives.


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