PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit PerSys Medical

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

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10 Essentials for a Seamless Procedure

The GO IO™ fast access kit contains essential medical supplies needed to establish immediate intraosseous access in emergency situations. All components are suitable for IO or IV procedures and are consolidated into a single package, saving space, reducing the risk of contamination, and facilitating a rapid establishment of access.

  • 2 Alcohol Prep Pads: local antiseptic
  • NIO Fixation™: secures needle stabilizer to the insertion site
  • IO Drill Adapter: for use with IO drill device
  • 90° Angle Luer Lock: enables both IO and IV connections with an intravenous fluids bag
  • 1 Extension Set w/ 3-way Stopcock: features male and female ports, enabling simultaneous access of drugs and infusion bag
  • Secure IV™: crucial for a successful IO/IV procedure; functions as IV constricting band as well as IO/IV securing device, preventing line displacement
  • Patient Wristband: logs important patient medical information such as volume and dosage of fluids, as well as drugs administered
  • IO essentials in one package for a successful intravascular procedure
  • Reduces the risk of contamination
  • Suitable for IO/IV procedures
  • Facilitates a safe and seamless IO procedure
  • Saves valuable time
The NIO Fixation™ provides simple and secure IO stabilization, preventing potential dislodgement and ensuring a successful
IO procedure. Its unique clover shape adds flexibility and adaptability to various IO insertion sites, including cylindrical sites such as the humeral head. The NIO Fixation™ is durable enough to function under adverse conditions and adheres to
skin despite water, sweat, or debris, ensuring the needle remains stable. The NIO Fixation™ is a crucial component of any
IO procedure in any environment - hospital or field.

  • Functional under adverse environmental conditions
  • Flexible and adaptable to various IO insertion sites
  • Key component of a successful IO procedure
  • Secures and stabilizes the IO needle
  • Easy application
The Secure IV™ functions as an IV constricting band, as well as IO/IV securing device, enabling quick and easy IV access while preventing accidental line pulls. It utilizes the simplicity of a flexible Velcro® strap which can be adjusted to fit each casualty, combined with a quick-click connector for securing an IO/IV line on wrists, arms, or legs. The device is effective on wet, sweaty, or dirty skin, in emergency situations and in field environments. Lightweight and compact, the Secure IV™ fits in any paramedic kit, while its unique features make it an ideal solution for challenging situations. The ability to rapidly achieve and maintain vascular access prior to transport is a critical component of casualty stabilization. The Secure IV’s innovative design ensures that first responders are able to quickly stabilize casualties and save lives.

  • 2 applications in 1 device – constricting band and securing device
  • Quick-click connector with a double secure line feature
  • Quickly secure an IO/IV line, even on wet or dirty skin
  • Ideal for field and pre-hospital care
  • Noninvasive, painless removal
  • Eliminates the need for tape
  • Used for IO and IV access
  • Compact and disposable

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