Streamlight LiteBox Upgrade Kit

Streamlight LiteBox Upgrade Kit

Streamlight LiteBox Upgrade Kit Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight LiteBox Upgrade Kit

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Specific lighting needs require specific tools.

Upgrade your Litebox.

With the right lighting tool, you can identify potential or existing problems before they interrupt your ability to get the job done. In addition the costs savings of using the right tool over time will benefit your bottom line.

There is a real need to cut costs wherever possible, yet we cannot afford to forget about environmental issues. Streamlight rechargeable lighting tools make good economic environmental sense. Over time they cost significantly less to operate; and they reduce the amount of batteries used, thereby relieving the problem of battery disposal. With Streamlight rechargeable flashlights, your plant will not only save on the cost of batteries, you’ll save the time that’s wasted when you discover your light isn’t working and the steps involved in getting and replacing batteries.

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Kit includes:
  • 2 Lamp Terminal
  • 1 Eyelet, Head Swivel
  • 1 Flat Washer, Swivel Head
  • 1 Arc Washer, Swivel Head
  • 1 Machined Head Swivel
  • 1 Lens, Par-36 Plastic
  • 2 Swivel Washer, HID
  • 1 LED Flood Reflector
  • 1 LED Flood PCB Assy
  • 1 Heatsink/Head
  • 1 Cover, Head
  • 1 Screw, 4-40x3/8 Type F SS
  • 1 Electrical Connector
  • 2 Rivet, 3/32x1/4" Grip
  • 1 Lamp Ring SL-45
  • 1 Box, 12 Pack
  • 1 Bag, 2x3"
  • 1 Instructions


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