Reveal RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera

Reveal RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera

Reveal RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera Reveal

Reveal RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera

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With Reveal’s RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera, police and security officers can easily and reliably record and manage video evidence of their encounters with other people, thus making their jobs much easier.

Reveal’s RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera provides police forces and security organizations with an easy, reliable, and effective way to record and manage video evidence of encounters, interviews, and even altercations with suspects, witnesses, and passersby. This award-winning camera can record in full 1080p HD for an exceptionally clear picture, while the incorporated smart microphone automatically adjusts to pick up the clearest sound. To record, just pull the big red sliding switch down, which makes it easy to operate while wearing gloves and without needing to see the camera. The camera’s front-facing screen provides a calming effect that’s been proven to deter aggression and potentially volatile situations; however, if you decide that the screen is not suitable for certain situations, you can use Stealth Mode to turn off the screen and lights for more discreet recording. With its IP54 rated, fully weatherproof design, the RS2-X2L Body Worn Camera holds up well in confrontational environments so that you can effectively record all the evidence you need to get the job done well and with as little complication as possible.

  • Fully articulated camera head (260° horizontal, 60° vertical) with a wide field of view (120º horizontal, 60º vertical) allows for easy and accurate recording
  • Front-facing screen has a proven calming effect to help deter aggression
  • Sliding red switch turns camera on or off with one touch, even when you’re wearing gloves
  • Camera records in full 1080p HD, while the smart microphone automatically adjusts to pick up the clearest sound
  • Digital Evidence Management Solution software (DEMS; included) is an easy-to-use program that securely stores, manages, and exports any amount of video data you upload from your camera
  • Videos can be marked as “evidential” at the time of recording or while still in the field in order to save officers time when reviewing footage on the computer later
  • Videos feature a tamper-proof digital fingerprint and AES encryption to prevent the videos from being visible on unauthorized computers
  • IP54 rated, fully weatherproof design allows the camera to hold up well in confrontational environments

Multiple ways to mount and use the camera
Highly versatile, the RS2-X2L Camera can be worn on the user’s body, mounted in the user’s car, or set up on a table as a standalone camera (e.g., for recording interviews). The camera can be mounted on a user’s clothing with a Klikfast stud, shirt clip, pocket clip, shoulder mount, or harness, or in a car using a suction mount.
This camera features a fully articulated head that can rotate 260° horizontally and 60° vertically. This articulation allows users of any height and body shape to adjust the camera so that it records exactly what they’re seeing in any given situation.

Evidence management made simple
Every Reveal body worn camera comes with Reveal’s cutting-edge Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) software free of charge. This software provides users with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for managing the video evidence they record. The DEMS software can be installed on the cloud, a server, or a PC in a standalone, workgroup, or enterprise configuration to best fit the needs of your organization.
Video files from the RS2-X2L Camera have the date and time stamped on each frame and can be marked “evidential” at the time of recording or while still on the field when reviewing footage on screen. This process saves officers time by removing the need to search for the relevant footage on their computers later. The videos feature a tamper-proof digital fingerprint and AES encryption; thus, they will only load and play on a computer that’s running DEMS, protecting them from unwanted viewings.
When a body worn camera is connected to a computer with DEMS open, videos are automatically imported into DEMS and deleted from the camera. (DEMS can upload videos from up to 18 cameras at the same time.) Users can then use the DEMS software to review videos, quickly and easily take stills and clips from video recordings, export videos directly or burn them to a CD or DVD, and much more.

Camera Specs:

Recording resolution: 1080p30, 720p, 480p (WVGA)
Recording rate: 30 frames per second
Recording capacity: at 8GB: 9h 21m at 480p, 2h 23m at 1080p
at 32 GB: 34h 2m at 480p, 8h 58m at 1080p
Video encoding: H.264
Audio encoding: Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
Recording format: .mov
Screen: 2” color LCD
On-screen display: Time, date, memory, resolution, recording speed, battery life, recording space available
Audio alarms: On/off, record, stop record, low battery, low memory
Connectivity: MicroUSB, USB 2.0
Encryption: AES 256-bit
Battery: Lithium polymer (internal)
Battery life: 8 hrs.
Charge time: 8 hrs.
Articulation: 260° horizontal, 60° vertical
Wide field of view: 120º horizontal, 60º vertical
Protection: IP54
Dimensions: 3.9” H x 2.2” W x 1.2” D
Weight: 5.2 oz.
Temperature range: 14°F to 122°F
Certifications: FCC & CE
Warranty: 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

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