Truphatek TruLite Secure Disposable Laryngoscope

Truphatek TruLite Secure Disposable Laryngoscope

Truphatek TruLite Secure Disposable Laryngoscope Truphatek

Truphatek TruLite Secure Disposable Laryngoscope

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Trulite Secure Disposable Laryngoscope, loaded and ready to go!

The most preferred disposable stainless steel blade/re-enforced plastic handle combination.
Concerns about proper cleaning of tools used for tracheal intubation have been growing as bacteria are becoming more resistant and no perfect decontamination procedures exist. While most concerns about laryngoscope cleaning revolves around the blade because of the patient contact, handles are becoming more of a concern as studies have shown that handles also carry bacteria.

TruLite™ Single-Use Laryngoscope is a single-use solution which consists of a combined laryngoscope blade and handle. This unique system offers the opportunity to reduce potential for infection associated with reusable devices.

The TruLite™ Laryngoscope blade is constructed of surgical grade stainless steel with rounded edges and tip, while the handle is a uniform size for all blade configurations and combines a high-grade, reinforced plastic with an ergonomic grip. The TruLite™ Laryngoscope features LED lighting technology that provides strong, focused and reliable illumination while reducing battery consumption.

The critical components that join the blade and the handle in the TruLiteTM Laryngoscope are built to reliably withstand the forces of intubation. This one-piece blade and handle system also prevents the risk of component incompatibility in emergency situations.
  • Designed to perform under toughest field conditions.
  • The solution for hospital crash carts, or anesthesia carts and EMS.
  • LED focused, strong, reliable light with ideal blue-white spectrum for viewing tissue
  • Each size is clearly color coded for speedy identification
  • Available in a variety of Macintosh and Miller sizes
  • No reprocessing costs. Prevents cross-infection
  • Unique design allows for routine quality and serviceability checks before use.
  • Avoids incompatibility of equipment
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Operates on two AA Batteries.
  • Highly suitable for use in EMS bags and kits
  • Blade with flatter, lower profile with greatly reduced flange
  • Stainless steel for maximum rigidity,finely finished, non-traumatic metal edges with a real forged tip.
  • Critical components designed to withstand forces used in intubation
  • Ergonomic grip, universal size, handle is made from high grade, reinforced plastic
  • 3 year shelf-life 
  • Routine pre-use checks possible in original packaging 

Desciption Overall Length (mm) Distal Width (mm) Weight (g)
Mac 2 100 11.3 55
Mac 3 130 15 72
Mac 4 155 15 82
Miller 00 64 11.8 44
Miller 0 75 11.8 45
Miller 1 102 11.8 51
Miller 2 155 13.7 72
Miller 3 195 13.7 84
Miller 4 205 13.7 88


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