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Reveal DEMS Software License

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Reveal DEMS Software License

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Digital Evidence Management Platform, DEMS

DEMS is the industry leading digital evidence management platform built on Reveal technology that has been used for over a decade by Police Forces, Local Authorities, Security Services and Prisons in 23 countries worldwide. Built powerful enough to securely store, manage and export any amount of digital evidence, large or small, whilst remaining incredible simple and easy to use.
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Intuitive Trusted Scalable
Little or no training required due to a logical interface with automated assistance, saving time and money. The tried and trusted solution for Police and Security organizations across the work for over 10 years The complete solution for any sized organization, DEMS grows gracefully and effortlessly as needed.

Everything in a single application
Automatic or manual file upload, search and manage all your digital evidence in the same application. DEMS has been simplified to include every workspace you need in the same window. Simply toggle between tabs to effortlessly switch to the other features, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Maximize efficiency
    The automated upload is the fastest and most efficient way to upload your videos from the camera. Simply plug the camera into the docking station and the camera will upload all the videos onto DEMS whilst charging the battery simultaneously
  • RS3-SX automatic date and time reset on connection to DEMS
    Automatically sync the date and time on the camera with that on the computer, removing the need for any manual amendments with the external keypad
  • Enhanced camera booking log
    Using the camera booking log searches can be filtered by cameras, users, and locations or sorted by date, camera, users or location
  • Grab snapshots from video files
    DEMS allows you to capture and save snapshots of the uploaded video footage as evidential images, negating the need to carry another camera
  • Create short clips from stored videos
    Capture only the moments you need by setting a start and end point of the footage to be saved. Simply click Start and End points to save digital storage space, CD burning and end viewer's time.
Secure your vital evidence
Securely store all videos with a unique digital fingerprint. Keep track of any action performed in the system or on the stored videos with an extensive audit trail attached to all digital evidence. Password controlled access to content and features plus active directory support.
  • Configurable user roles and access
    Quick and simple to set up, DEMS puts the control over each user role in your hands. Dictate which level of user has access to different features with the powerful administrator settings
  • Full audit of every transaction
    Record a compelte chain of evidence by tracking every action performed in DEMS: Who, what and when. No action goes unrecorded.
  • Camera booking log
    Assign cameras to users with the camera booking log, allowing you to keep track of the location of your cameras
  • Automatic creation of reports
    Generate extensive reports to keep track of all camera and DEMS usage. Customize reports to view a break down of exactly the information you are looking for, allowing you to magange your digital evidence program effectively
  • Attach ID and notes to media files
    Attach a unique identification tag to all uploaded media, allowing you to quickly source at a later date. Add context to uploaded media in the form of notes, to further explain a situation.
  • Digital fingerprinting of all files
    An extensive digital fingerprinting of all uploaded files provides assurance that data has not been tampered with.
Standalone, network or cloud
Stand alone, work-group, enterprise network or cloud, DEMS is a no hassle, flexible platform that is configured to elegantly integrate with your infrastructure. Fully scalable, DEMS grows effortlessly as your digital evidence program grows, without compromising quality or becoming complicated to use.
DEMS network type outline
  • Deliver where you need it
    Securely export digital evidence and deliver it quickly where you want and in the way you need with the ability to export directly to your network.
  • Up to 18 camera support
    Capacity supports simultaneous upload for up to 18 unique cameras when using Windows 7 or newer operating systems. 
    (Windows XP users are limited to a maximum of 6 cameras)
  • View videos over low bandwidth networks
    Lower resolution versions of uploaded footage can be created to be played back on workstations and accommodate low bandwidth networks
  • Burn media to disk
    Evidential media can be burnt as a digital file or DVD on a CD, or alternatively exported to the desktop

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