Surefire EB2 Backup LED Flashlight, 2 SF123A Batteries, 500 Lumens, 5.7� Long

Surefire EB2 Backup LED Flashlight, 2 SF123A Batteries, 500 Lumens, 5.7� Long

Surefire EB2 Backup LED Flashlight, 2 SF123A Batteries, 500 Lumens, 5.7� Long Surefire

Surefire EB2 Backup LED Flashlight, 2 SF123A Batteries, 500 Lumens, 5.7� Long

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A compact, dual-output flashlight designed as a backup light for patrol officers or as a primary light for plainclothes officers.

The EB2 Backup is a slender, compact dual-output flashlight with a stunning 500-lumen maximum output that can be used as a primary or backup light for patrol officers or a duty light for plainclothes officers. It's also ideal for everyday-carry, self-defense, or outdoor applications. The EB2 features an ultra-high-output, virtually indestructible LED emitter and a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that creates a high-intensity beam optimized for both reach and situational awareness.

  • Powered by two high-energy SF123A Lithium batteries with 10-year shelf life
  • TIR lens produces tight beam with reach and enough surround light for peripheral vision
  • Coated, tempered window resists impact and maximizes light output
  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability
  • Two output levels—high for maximum light, low for extended runtime
  • Two tailcap switch options: Click-type switch or Tactical switch
  • Two-way clip permits light to be carried head up or down, or clipped to a hat brim or bill
  • Weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealing
  • Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Promise
There are two EB2 Backup models to choose from, differing in the type of tailcap switching:
Click-type switch - Partially press tailcap pushbutton for momentary-on high output; press further to click constant-on high. Return to off and press or click again within two seconds for low output.
Tactical switch - Partially press tailcap pushbutton for momentary-on low output; press further for momentary-on high output. Release to turn light off. Twist tailcap clockwise for constant-on low and then high output.
The EB2's max-output 500-lumen beam is ideal for identifying potential threats and overwhelming their vision. Its five-lumen low-output setting is perfect for reading a map, checking an ID, or navigating in low light with minimal degradation of your dark-adapted vision. The EB2 Backup can run at this low-output level for 67 hours on a set of two 123A lithium batteries, a valuable feature for outdoor, emergency, or other uses where you may not have easy access to spare batteries.
A tough, lightweight Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body protects the EB2's sophisticated electronics, and its smooth contours minimize clothing snag and pressure points. A two-way clip permits secure head-up or head-down carry, as well as field-expedient hands-free lighting if clipped to the bill or brim of a hat.


  • High: 500 lumens
  • Low: 5 lumens
  • High: 2.25 hours*
  • Low: 67 hours
* Runtime until output drops below 50 lumens
  • 5.7 inches (14.4 cm) (Click Switch model)
  • 5.8 inches (14.7 cm) (Tactical Switch model)
Bezel Diameter: 1.1 inches (2.9 cm)
Weight: 4.2 ounces (119 g) with batteries
Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum; tempered window
Finish: Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized
Batteries: Two SF123A lithium cells (included)
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch: press or click for high and then low output,
  • Dual-output tactical tailcap switch: press for momentary-on low, press farther for momentary-on high; twist for constant-on activation at either level.
Battery Warning: To ensure the safety and optimal performance of your SureFire product, use only 123A disposable lithium batteries purchased directly from SureFire or an authorized SureFire distributor, or from established, well-known manufacturers, such as Panasonic®, Energizer®, or Duracell®. NEVER use counterfeit or inferior-quality 123A lithium batteries in SureFire products.

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