LMA Intranasal mucosal atomization device (MAD)

LMA Intranasal mucosal atomization device (MAD)

LMA Intranasal mucosal atomization device (MAD) Teleflex Medical

LMA Intranasal mucosal atomization device (MAD)

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When IV delivery is less than ideal.

Introducing the Teleflex MAD Nasal™ the safe and painless way to deliver medication directly into your patient’s blood stream without an intravenous line.
When IV delivery is less than ideal, Teleflex MAD Nasal™ can come to the rescue delivering safe, painless, and rapidly-effective treatment with minimal resource utilization. With no danger of needle sticks, no need to sterilize, and no cumbersome and time-consuming IV setup, this intranasal mucosal atomization device will deliver a mist of atomized medication that is absorbed directly into your patient’s blood stream. So you spend more time caring for your patient, and less time starting a painful intravenous line.
Safe and Painless
  • No needle, no shot, no pain, and no risk of needle stick
Rapidly Effective
  • Atomized nasal medications absorb directly into blood stream, avoiding first-pass metabolism
  • Atomized nasal medications absorb directly into the brain and cerebrospinal fluid via olfactory mucosa to nose-brain pathway
  • Achieves medication levels comparable to injections
Controlled Administration
  • Exact dosing, exact volume
  • Titratable to effect
  • Atomizes in any position
  • Atomized particles are optimal size for deposition across broad area of mucosa
  • Ideal for administering Narcan
Minimal Resource Utilization
  • Nasal drug administration is quick and easy, eliminating IV set-up time
  • No sterile technique required
Evidence Based
  • Extensive literature supports the clinical effectiveness of medications delivered via the Teleflex MAD™Nasal
Typical Particle Size 30-100 microns
Tip Diameter 0.17 inches
Applicator length 1.65 inches
Key Features Nasal Oral IV
High serum drug levels X   X
Rapid Onset X   X
Titratable X   X
Painless X X  
Easy to Use X X  
Low Resource Utilization X X  
Eliminates Needle Sticks X X  
Available as single atomizer or atomizer and 3cc syringe combination.

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