Medtronic Smart CapnoLine Circuits

Medtronic Smart CapnoLine Circuits

Medtronic Smart CapnoLine Circuits Medtronic

Medtronic Smart CapnoLine Circuits

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Get your CO2 readings without compromising oxygen delivery

Smart CapnoLine EtCO2 circuits are ideal for non-intubated applications such as monitoring ventilatory status in asthma, brochospasm, COPD, and procedural sedation–situations where oral ventilation can occur and cause inaccurate readings with nasal only lines. The “smart” design facilitates a crisp continuous waveform and accurate data for patients alternating between oral and nasal breathing. The Smart CapnoLine ETCO2 circuits are 100” in length.
  • Patented Uni-junction™ design assures oral and nasal sampling even at low tidal volumes, with minimal dilution of the CO2 waveform during O2 delivery.
  • Unique O2 delivery system (up to 5L/min) enables effective oxygen therapy and reduces the O2 drying effect on patients’ sensitive mucus membranes
  • Built in water-trap with hydrophobic filter prevents moisture from entering the monitor while maintaining the laminar flow and excellent waveform.
  • The filter design and small diameter of the circuit (1.0 mm I.D. microbore tubing) improve accuracy and response time Ideal under masks for accurate CO2 monitoring during, CPAP, bi-level device or NPVV and high flow rate O2 delivery therapy.
Choose from two designs depending on your needs:
  • Smart CapnoLine monitors exhaled CO2 from oral and/or nasal ventilation.
  •  Smart CapnoLine Plus O2 enables the delivery of supplemental oxygen to the patient while monitoring the exhaled CO2 from oral and/or nasal ventilations.
Available in adult or pediatric sizes. Sold individually or 25 per box.

Special discounts may apply for high volume sales. Contact our Bids & Quotes department for more information.

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