Zak Tool Rescue Saw, w/ Blade and Pry End

Zak Tool Rescue Saw, w/ Blade and Pry End

Zak Tool Rescue Saw, w/ Blade and Pry End Zak Tool

Zak Tool Rescue Saw, w/ Blade and Pry End

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Made In USA

Manually operated rescue saw provides rescuers with extrication support.

All "working" parts are heat treated for hardness, thus providing the durability needed for a long life. The 20" frame aids in making extended cuts (important on today's taller and wider SUV's and pick-ups). No special tools required to change out blades or to be missing when needed!

  • Coarse tooth for cutting soft materials such as automotive windshields, hollow core and panel doors, interior walls, wood beams, roofing materials, tree limbs, etc.

The 7" handle has a heat-treated tip for durability and is easily re-sharpened. It is supplemented with steel shot to provide added weight for easier penetration. The shot also gives a "dead blow effect" to the saw. It retards rebound in the event the struck surface is not penetrated, thus reducing the chance of incidental injury.

The end cap incorporates a residential gas valve shutoff, a slot to facilitate easy shattering of a partially open vehicle side window, and a pry tool.

Each Emergency Rescue Saw comes with a blade cover to protect both people and other equipment from accidental harm.

As with all Zak products, the Emergency Rescue Saw comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, blades excluded.

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