Leonhard Lang Skintact DF20 Multifunction Defib Electrodes, Adult

Leonhard Lang Skintact DF20 Multifunction Defib Electrodes, Adult

Leonhard Lang Skintact DF20 Multifunction Defib Electrodes, Adult Leonhard Lang

Leonhard Lang Skintact DF20 Multifunction Defib Electrodes, Adult

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Connect with quality, Leonhard Lang! 

SKINTACT Easibeat Multifunction Defibrillation Electrodes are designed for the use of external defibrillation, non-invasive pacing, synchronized cardioversion and monitoring on adults.
Leonhard Lang’s unique C-line technology guarantees perfect processing of all materials according to ISO 13485 and at the same time reduces cost. The proper adhesion ensures a high degree of skin contact, minimal impedance and is gentle to the patient’s skin.
Excellent Skin Coupling: Proper adhesion between electrodes and skin ensures firm contact to all skin types:
  • optimal water absorption of the gel
  • good adhesion on perspiring skin
  • utilization of minimal thickness layers of materials increases flexibility
  • maximum contact area means minimum impedance values and in addition reduces thermal and mechanical exposure of the skin 
Overlapping Gel: This unique technology minimizes the risk of burns because of:
  • elimination of tin edge exposure
  • better current distribution
  • minimized flashover
  • minimized edge effect 

Multifunction: Continuity of patient care eliminates replacing the electrodes between developing stages of the patient’s treatment
  • Standard electrodes are totally sealed in their packaging
  • Preconnected electrodes offer a 4’ pigtail which is exposed and can be connected to the AED or monitor while the electrodes remain sealed in its packaging. 
Shelf Life: 36 months from date of manufacturing for standard electrodes and 30 months for the preconnected electrodes
Clearly Printed Instructions: Instructions are clearly printed in two colors (green, black) on the electrodes for correct placement
Latex Free
All Skintact defibrillation products meet ANSI/AAMI DF80:2003 for the safety of cardiac defibrillators IEC 60601-2-4, IEC 60601-1, the European Medical Device Directive, and where applicable ISO 10993 on biocompatibility.
  • Disposable, self adhesive defibrillation electrodes with 1.2 m cable for adults
  • DF20 compatible with Medtronic Lifepak 9, 10, 12, 15, 20, 500 and 1000
  • 100% Quality control
  • For up to 50 shocks (monophasic and biphasic)
  • For up to 24 hours of monitoring
  • For up to 1 hour of pacing using 140mA / 120ppM
  • For up to 8 hours of pacing using 70mA / 60ppM Inspection of pads every 30 minutes
  • For up to 10 minutes of pacing using maximum current and frequency output
  • Pads ensure optimized patient contact and significant reduction of skin erosion and skin burns
  • Proper adhesion and maximum patient comfort for excellent performance 
  • Shape – Oval
  • Total area – 148 cm2
  • Adhesive Area – 145 cm2
  • Gel area – 87cm2
  • Gel thickness – 0.60
  • Cable length – 1.20m (standard), 1.65m (preconnect with 0.45 out of pouch) 
Available 1 pair of electrodes or 10 pairs per box. 

This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device which is regulated by the FDA.  This product may have regulations or restrictions in some states.  It is the customer’s responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable federal, state or local laws.

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