3M Red Dot Foam Electrodes

3M Red Dot Foam Electrodes

3M Red Dot Foam Electrodes 3M

3M Red Dot Foam Electrodes

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RepositionableSolid Gel With Abrader
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3M™ Red Dot™ Monitoring Electrodes are multi-purpose monitoring electrodes with foam backing and sticky gel and are ideally suited for the OR, ER, pre-hospital, and diagnostic stress testing applications.

  • Adhesive foam-tape backing and proprietary sticky gel ensure excellent skin contact.
  • Sticky gel delivers excellent trace quality resulting in better patient information.
  • High performance adhesive offers instant adhesion and up to five-day wear with excellent patient skin care and comfort.
  • Proven to be effective in many diaphoretic situations.
Repositionable Electrodes:
Electrodes aren't always placed where you want them. But now you don't have to replace an electrode when you only need to reposition it. That's because the 3M™ Red Dot™ Repositionable Electrode, as the name suggests, can be repositioned once immediately following initial application.

The 3M™ Red Dot™ Repositionable Electrode is comfortable and breathable with a soft cloth backing, therefore conformable to skin contours. In addition, its hydrogel conductive adhesive conforms to, rather than resists, skin movement, so patients forget they are wearing it.
  • The flexible backing is fluid-resistant. The backing is a composite of non-woven polypropylene covered with a polyethylene film.
  • Thin profile. The soft cloth backing allows for easy conformability and reduces the chance of catching on medical devices, drapes, gowns or bedding that can cause inadvertent electrode lift or removal.
  • Latex free. These latex-free electrodes are also solvent-free to minimize skin irritation.
  • Wear time. Red Dot Repositionable Electrodes may be worn up to 3 days.
Repositionable electrodes sold 3/bag or 5/bag as well as 200 Bags/Case

Abrader strip for gentle skin prep and radiolucent stud. Red Dot™ Monitoring Electrode 2570 is radiolucent to allow monitoring during x-ray and fluouroscopy procedures. The integrated abrader strip may be used to gently prepare the skin, reducing its impedance and providing optimal ECG trace quality.

Solid Gel with abrader sold 50/bag or 20 Bags/Case.

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