Cook Emergency Pneumothorax Set

Cook Emergency Pneumothorax Set

Cook Emergency Pneumothorax Set COOK MEDICAL

Cook Emergency Pneumothorax Set

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The Emergency Pneumothorax Set is used to treat a simple tension pneumothorax.

The Cook Emergency Pneumothorax Set is intended for emergency relief and temporary management of suspected tension pneumothorax. Because tracheal deviation and jugular venous distention may not always be identified, a tension pneumothorax should be suspected when the following three criteria are identified.
  • Increasing respiratory distress of difficulty ventilating a patient with a bag valve mask device.
  • Markedly decreased or absent breath sounds on the ipsilateral side.
  • Hemodynamic compromise (decompensated shock) manifested by hypotension and/or evidence of diminished perfusion.
 The Pre-Hospital pneumothorax set consists of a catheter introducer needle, and 12ml syringe. Intended for a one-time use.

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