Blackinton St. Florian Challenge Coin

Blackinton St. Florian Challenge Coin

Blackinton St. Florian Challenge Coin Blackinton

Blackinton St. Florian Challenge Coin

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St. Florian, Patron Saint of the Fire Service, Pray for Us. Protect our We Protect Others.

  • Carry and share St. Florian's inspiration and a Firefighter's Prayer of guidance.
  • This large, beautifully crafted gold-plated coin gives you a simple, elegant way to challenge others
  • St. Florian is depicted on the front in high relief, protecting, and inspiring today's firefighter
  • FIREMAN'S PRAYER on the reverse, gleams in gold from a rich red and black enamel
  • 1.75", Gold plate over solid brass

Protect We Protect Others. From ancient Rome to modern America, St. Florian, Protector of Fire Fighters, is revered by all who carry on in his tradition of selfless service. History says he was made a general of the prestigious Fire Brigade of the Roman Army-until he refused to renounce Christianity and was brutally martyred in 304 AD. Legend has it that Florian once saved an entire village from flames by dousing it with a single vessel of water. Our equipment may be better…but St. Florian symbolizes the unflinching faith and commitment to protect others that ties all Firefighters together.

St. Florian is depicted in high relief on this beautiful gold-plated coin. He's a symbol of our own service and allegiance-watching over us, inspiring us to protect others. On the reverse, The Fireman's Prayer offers words for comfort and guidance. It's an elegant and enduring personal charm that can be carried and shown with pride or passed along as a heartfelt challenge to others.

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