Sqwincher Lite 20 oz. Qwik Sticks Powder Concentrate, Pack of 50

Sqwincher Lite 20 oz. Qwik Sticks Powder Concentrate, Pack of 50

Sqwincher Lite 20 oz. Qwik Sticks Powder Concentrate, Pack of 50 Sqwincher

Sqwincher Lite 20 oz. Qwik Sticks Powder Concentrate, Pack of 50

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Deeply refreshing Sqwincher® taste & powerful electrolyte replenishment—with no Carbs or Calories—in convenient water-bottle-size packets.

Fight the dangerous effects of dehydration and heat stress with top-performing, more cost-effective Sqwincher®!

Sqwincher provides the best balance of electrolytes and minerals for proper body rehydration. Absorbed by the body 98% faster than water, Sqwincher not only works faster, its great taste makes it more satisfying to drink than water or other sports drinks. So workers who need it most are glad to enjoy another drink. And another. Until their body’s needs are truly met for effective rehydration and replenishment of the electrolytes that make thinking clearer, decisions more sound, and muscles work the way they’re supposed to.

  • Just pour one packet into a 20 oz bottle of water…shake...and drink the best-tasting, most effective energy drink available to those who work.
  • Formulated specifically for the athletes of industry and public safety—to provide more effective hydration over a full day of hot, hard work.
  • SUGAR FREE Sqwincher® Lite has the same great taste and advanced electrolyte composition as regular Sqwincher, but with Zero Carbs & Zero Calories!
  • Isotonically balanced to match the specific gravity of body fluid for optimal absorption of water and electrolytes into the muscle system.
  • No salty or metallic aftertaste; Sqwincher Lite tastes good! Workers will eagerly drink more—for faster, effective rehydration
  • Easy to carry, and only pennies a serving; individual packs of Sqwincher powdered concentrate are an effective—and extremely cost-effective—solution for Rehab and public safety applications of all kinds.
  • Sold in packs of 50 convenient single-portion “sticks”.
  • Available in Orange

Not only more effective, more COST EFFECTIVE too. Short term and long. For more than 30 years, plant managers, safety directors, company medics, and industrial hygienists have relied on Sqwincher to protect workers in extreme heat environments…as they help protect their operations against high disability costs, lost time, and lowered productivity. For an average cost of only pennies per ounce, you can provide your crew with an electrolyte replacement drink program that is easy to administer and highly effective. Using Sqwincher as part of your safety or rehab program saves money. And it can save lives.

Why take chances when you can take Sqwincher…and save. Sqwincher actually tastes good! Without any salty or metallic aftertaste. So it’s easy to drink as much as you want—and as much as your body actually needs for faster, more effective rehydration and full replenishment of vital electrolytes. It gives workers probably the most effective, and readily accepted electrolyte replacement drinks available—at a substantially lower cost than those “popular” brands.

SUGAR FREE Sqwincher® Lite has the same great taste and advanced electrolyte composition as regular Sqwincher, but with no carbs and no calories! Convenient single serving Qwik Sticks make it incredibly easy for a firefighter, law enforcement officer, EMT, or other Pubic Safety to carry and prepare his or her own, virtually anywhere. Each little Qwik Stick packet turns any 20 oz. bottle of water into an effective, great-tasting, hydration drink. Just pour the powered contents into a full bottle of water, shake, and drink…. Everyone will feel better when you do. Sold in bags of 50 premeasured packets of a single flavor. Available in Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, or Grape

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How Sqwincher® Helps Keep Muscles Strong.
How Sqwincher® Helps Keep Muscles Strong.
On an active fire scene, or in industrial work environments… where ambient temperatures, intense activity, and/or poorly ventilated protective clothing can easily cause heat-stress, the body attempts to cool itself by perspiring. (Windowshade?) When this occurs, much more is lost than just water; magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium are also depleted. These minerals, or "electrolytes," are crucial to workers if they are to maintain healthy muscles and a productive energy level, especially throughout a long day in . Without electrolytes, workers become dehydrated and heat stress - or more serious injury - can be imminent. It's proven that under extreme conditions and heavy exertion, water alone cannot sufficiently replace electrolytes to prevent heat stress. Pure water is absorbed slowly and cannot be retained in the extra cellular cavity. Sqwincher, and the concentrated electrolytes it contains, are absorbed into the body significantly faster than water. Within seconds of drinking Sqwincher, the electrolytes are put back where they belong. And in the process, energy is back where it belongs.

When Better Taste means More Effective Rehab…

{C}{C}Why Better Taste means More Effective Rehab…
Better taste assures acceptance…and Sqwincher simply tastes great. Comparison tests with other brands of activity drinks prove it again and again. Electrolyte replacement drinks with salty or metallic aftertaste may be acceptable when you’ve just stepped off the playing field or into the rehab area, sweating like crazy, energy depleted, and seriously in need of rehydration… If it’s wet and cold, you’ll drink it, and drink it fast, just to battle the thirst. Even budget “energy drinks” may taste ok the first time through. Plain water tastes fine…and your body needs it. But it needs much more. When workers who must function in excessively hot and humid environments drink Sqwincher, they are not just fighting thirst, they are restoring the electrolytes their bodies need to replenish and maintain a productive and balanced energy level. The superior taste of Sqwincher means they eagerly drink more—for faster, more effective rehydration and full replenishment of the vital electrolytes their bodies really need. {C}


{C}{C}Why Sqwincher is the Right Choice for Public Safety.

Why Sqwincher is the right choice for Public Safety.
Energy Drinks created for sports environments don’t work like Sqwincher.
Products like Gatorade may be better known (spending millions each year on advertising and promotion to sports and consumer markets does work), but “Sports” drinks are just that—designed to help rehydrate after short periods of activity on random days. Can you really expect playtime drinks to perform in an industrial environment where workers are steadily active up to eight hours a day, five days a week? Or in the extreme heat and hazards of a fire scene, where conditions can be many times hotter and far less forgiving than on any field of play…and the heavy protective clothing required can multiply the potential for heat stress? The need for rapid, truly effective rehydration, especially during mandated rehab periods, demands a more serious solution.

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Bag of 50 premeasured packets. Orange.

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    What are the ingredeints
    Asked on 8/3/2014 by cowboy from custer city ok

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      They come in various flavors but for instance: Orange: Sugar, dextrose, citric acid, potassium citrate, salt, sodium citrate, potassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavor, sodium phosphate, yellow 6, and calcium phosphate.

      Answered on 8/12/2014 by Ron from HQ
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