Glock OEM Field-Survival Knife with Sheath

Glock OEM Field-Survival Knife with Sheath

Glock OEM Field-Survival Knife with Sheath Glock

Glock OEM Field-Survival Knife with Sheath

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Developed for the Austrian Army Rangers. Designed to cut through it all.

Designed without compromise, for the highest level of performance…at an affordable price. Glock Field Knives were developed in close cooperation with the Austrian Army special forces. They are quickly gaining popularity as a do-it-all field knife with military, law enforcement, and sportsmen, around the world.
  • A rugged classic army knife for practically any purpose
  • Anti-corrosive, weather resistant, virtually unbreakable
  • Perfectly balanced for throwing
  • Survival Knife saw back blade easily cuts roots or bone
  • Choose plain spine or saw back blade
  • Includes auto-locking polymer sheath

Outstanding ruggedness makes a Glock Knife effective for many applications, and more situations. It’s a weapon for military or law enforcement use, a “First Aid” knife to keep in your car, a bone-crushing knife for hunters, or an unbeatably tough outdoor utility knife for outdoor activities of all kinds. The 6.5” alloy hardened HRC55 spring steel blade is resilient, yet sturdy enough to open crates, break windows, open cans, split wood, chop, dig, or use as a lightweight machete. The broad, steel cross guard protects against hand injuries, can be used as a thumb rest for leverage, or even as a bottle opener. The saw blade spine on the Model 81 Survival Knife can cut through roots, bone, wood, and sheet metal. The Model 78 Field Knife, with its smooth spine, is perfectly balanced for throwing.

Virtually unbreakable Glock polymer handle is textured for a non-slip grip, and long enough to make an impact if using the butt as a non-lethal striking weapon.

Includes a durable Glock polymer sheath. This lightweight, impact resistant, weatherproof sheath locks the knife into place with an audible click. The clip-on belt loop opens and snaps closed for easy, attachment. And a lanyard loop allows the sheath to be secured for a fast, one-handed release and draw. Polymer color matches the knife handle.


  • 6.5” blade available with plain spine or saw back
  • 55 HRC spring steel offers resilience and strength
  • Anti-corrosive black phosphate coating
  • Weighs only 7.5 oz. (9 oz. with sheath) for effortless carry
  • Wide crossbar designed for hand protection; also opens bottles
  • Perfectly balanced for throwing
  • Includes durable, weatherproof sheath with lanyard loop and thumb catch for quick one-handed draw

Available in Black, plain or saw edge.

Field Knife 78
Survival Knife 81
7.27 oz (206g)
7.13 oz (202g)
GRIP: Polymer: Black
BLADE: Spring steel HRC55, phosphate-treated
SHEATH: Polymer, auto locking, color matches sheath. Clip-on loop fits belts up to 2.25”: Weight - 1.5 oz

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