Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit for NFPA 1584, 2008

Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit for NFPA 1584, 2008

Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit for NFPA 1584, 2008 Crew Boss

Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit for NFPA 1584, 2008

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Made In USA

Complete, basic Rehab Shelter System fits in the back of a pickup or ambulance; sets up in minutes to help you towards NFPA compliance.

  • Includes much of the equipment and supplies to set up an effective on-scene rehab site, based on NFPA 1584 requirements
  • Packs into 3 bags for easy transport—in a pickup, SUV, engine compartment, or ambulance
  • Built around the stable, versatile Crew Boss 16’ x 16’ Rehab Shelter
  • 205sq.ft. octagonal shelter has removable wall panels, windows, 2 doors, roof vent, whiteboard kit, and the ability to handle a variety of options for climate control
  • Also includes collapsible seating, toilet with separate shelter, medical supplies organizer with writing desk, hand washing station, cooler, and more.
  • Can be set up by 2 people in less than 5 minutes
  • Priced within most Discretionary Fund expenditures
  • Designed according to the NFPA 1584 Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises, 2008 Edition.

No longer a “Recommendation.” NFPA 1584 is now a Standard.

What is your department doing to comply? If like so many fire companies around the U.S., your answer is “Nothing yet,” you could be opening yourself, your department, or your sponsoring municipality to substantial legal liability for non-compliance. The 2008 Edition of NFPA Standard 1584 now mandates on-scene rehab during fire emergency operations and training. Plus it provides comprehensive guidelines for the adoption of specific procedures, training, and operational assignments to properly safeguard your personnel.

Section 6.2 states: Rehabilitation efforts shall include providing the following:

  1. Relief from climatic conditions
  2. A place for rest and recovery
  3. Cooling or warming as needed
  4. Rehydration
  5. Calorie and electrolyte replacement
  6. Medical monitoring
  7. A place for EMS treatment,
  8. Member accountability tools and crowd control/location ID
Do you know all you need to protect your crew? Unfortunately, too many departments are still learning about the new standard. Those who have taken steps to comply understand just how difficult it can be. Determining what your department needs, and then obtaining all the systems and equipment to meet the new requirements, has been complicated at best…and often extremely expensive. Until Now.

Need to know more? Want to get started?
Click to download this Sample Firefighter Rehabilitation Guideline from Crew Boss. It provides a concise summary of the of the NFPA 1584 Standard, 2008 Edition. Plus it can be used to help create the required SOP for your own department.

Introducing Crew Boss Fire Rehab Kits: The quickest, most cost-effective way to meet the new NFPA Standard…and the needs of your members. Each Crew Boss Fire Rehab Kit is a complete turnkey Rehab system is specifically designed to help you meet the physical requirements for a separate on-scene rehab station under NFPA Standard 1584. Three current configurations will fit the needs and budgets of departments of almost every size and location—from the most basic to the most diverse. Each kit—even the basic Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit at under $6,000—includes much of the gear and facilities your department needs to be compliant. And because Crew Boss understands your frustration with having to haul yet another piece of gear, they developed complete rehab solutions sized for a variety of transport and storage methods. You select the level of support you need and decide which systems will create the least impact to your existing mobilization methods. You’ll find cost and equipment options to fit your budget, or qualify for available grants, now…with the potential to expand your system at a later date.

Not just cost-effective—EFFECTIVE! More important, these comprehensive Rehab Kits give you the resources to effectively protect your fire fighters from over-exertion and exhaustion—by providing rest, refreshment, and medical attention they deserve. Plus each kit is easily expandable to meet specific requirements and changing needs.

The Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit

A complete, basic Rehab shelter and care system designed for maximum portability—at a remarkably affordable price. Crew Boss’s most basic complete Rehab Kit includes everything shown in the picture below, and more. Yet it can be packed up and easily transported in a pickup, SUV, or on a rig. The entire kit is stored in three heavy-duty vinyl bags with multiple webbing handles for quick access, easy handling, and total portability. You can even toss the entire 3-bag kit into the responding ambulance. Once on-scene, the Rehab Vehicle Kit can be carried to its location and set up in a matter of minutes by a couple of crew members.( A single member can get things going in a pinch.)

When not in use, you can just leave the packed kit on the BC or Safety Vehicle, or store it on the floor in the station and grab it when needed. Getting the facilities and basic gear to satisfy NFPA Standard 1584, and provide your crew with the on-scene rehab facilities they deserve, simply doesn’t get any easier…or more cost-effective. We can’t imagine a more affordable way to do it right.

The Rehab Vehicle Kit includes practically everything you see here…and more:

Personal Privacy Tent fits into a small carrying bag. Pops up quickly and easily to provide sanitary and private toilet facilities.

Crew Boss: Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory - Portable Toilet with Pop-Up Privacy Shelter
An entire sanitary portable toilet system that sets up in minutes.

  • Complete sanitary system with privacy shelter — deploys in 2 minutes
  • Ultra lightweight and compact.
  • Requires minimum storage space.
  • Unlimited shelf life.
  • Spill-proof, leak-proof and odorless.
  • Trash-container safe waste kits meet all State and Federal EPA requirements for waste disposal
Each complete system has everything you need for personal comfort. One complete Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory System is included with all Crew Boss Rehab Kits. You can keep your Rehab Kit stocked and ready by ordering additional sanitary Brief Relief waste disposal pouches and supplies. Or your can order additional complete Field Lavatory Systems, or individual components, to increase your rehab capacity for larger crews or events.

Portable Pop-up Privacy Shelter.

From its convenient carry bag to a sturdy privy in less than 2 minutes. The Brief Relief™ Privacy Tent is a lightweight yet durable nylon structure that deploys with a spring action mechanism that’s easy enough for anyone to use. The Privacy Tent comes with a skirted base that allows it be held down by sandbags or other weights, and also with tie-down ropes and steel stakes. It allows for safe and secure set-up on any surface. Just remove the folded, lightweight shelter from its storage bag, hold it up by its top…and shake. The shelter will partly unfold and drop down in one quick step, its spring action hinges allowing you to quickly snap all four legs open into their locked open position. Smooth out the outside skirt and either weight or stake the shelter down to keep it secure. Pull back and fasten the dual-zippered flap, place the Brief Relief Commode in place, and you’re ready to go—unless you have to wait your turn.

  • Weighs 7 lbs, less than 3 kg.
  • Spring action hinges for ease of use.
  • Flame retardant, water resistant, and mildew resistant.
  • Includes tie-downs and stakes.
  • Skirted base for set-up security.
  • Opaque material provides privacy.
  • Inside zipper for additional user privacy.
  • Comes with over-the-shoulder carry bag.

Commode Kits: Lightweight, durable, compact, and completely sanitary.

  • Sanitary, single-user bag-within-a-bag system
  • Clean, safe, simple to set up and use
  • Virtually odor-free
  • Trash-container safe urinal bags meet State and Federal E.P.A. disposal requirements
The Commode is a sturdy, top-locking bucket base with a full size folding toilet seat and a supply of Brief Relief™ Daily Restroom Kits.

Brief Relief Disposa-John Kits contain everything needed to safely dispose of solid human waste. The Commode portable toilet system consists of a 5-gallon basin and a full-sized, soft folding seat that affixes quickly, easily, and firmly to the top. All of the supplies to use The Commode fit neatly in the 5-gallon container. A locking twist-on lid keeps everything clean and secure. Each Commode Kit comes with Disposa-John waste disposal bags, individually packaged toilet paper, and antiseptic towlettes. Patented “bag in a bag” design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the odor, while our special blend of polymers and enzymes instantly begins to break down the waste and turn it into a deodorized gel.

The Disposa-John pouch is really two bags in one. the grey liner is designed to be pulled up over the seat for extra sanitation, while the foil bag contain the polymers and enzymes to instantly gel and break down the waste.

Brief Relief™ Disposable Urinal Bags are designed for use by both men and women.

 Unique locking handle for ease of use by both men and women

  • Snap-lock closure assures strong final seal to guard against spills or leaks
  • Special blend of polymers and enzymes converts waste into deodorized gel for disposal
  • Large antiseptic wipe included for safe and sanitary use
  • Trash-container safe urinal bags meet State and Federal E.P.A. disposal requirements.
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket.
Each pouch contains a proprietary blend of naturally bioactive polymers and enzymes to instantly turn urine into a deodorized gel. The funnel design and one way valve prevent accidental spills. The pouch can be turned upside down without leaking!

Order Additional Facilites or Supplies: 
Complete Pop-up Privacy Shelters or Brief Relief Commode Kits.
Brief Relief sanitary waste disposal pouches are sold in cases of 100
  • 16’ x 16’ Crew Boss Shelter (205 sq. ft.) with removable wall panels – includes windows, two doors, roof vent and ground sheet.

    Take shelter. Fire rehab begins with relief from climatic conditions. The Crew Boss CB-16 Shelter delivers. Because you can’t administer adequate rest and rehabilitation on a bumper or curb, Crew Boss fire rehab kits are built around the roomy 205 sq. ft., 16’-diameter octagonal Crew Boss CB-16 Shelter. This stable, temporary “building” is easy transport and quickly erected. In fact, it can be completely set up by two or three people—in under 4 minutes. Watch how easily it’s done in the video below. You’ll find this versatile structure perfect for practically any fire-ground operation. With some optional equipment, it can be efficiently heated or air conditioned. And it provides an exceptional amount of usable space to meet your rehab requirements...and much more.

    There’s plenty of room inside for treatment, monitoring, or Command & Control. Water cooler and folding tables are included in the more comprehensive Rehab Kart Kit and/or the Rehab Trailer Kit. See those listings, and optional equipment for details. Medical equipment and cases not included.

    One sturdy shelter. Practically endless utility. Whether you are on scene for a few hours or several days, rain or shine, the versatility of the CB-16 Portable Shelter is practically endless. This durable shelter is a brother of the well known Western Shelter and GateKeeper systems utilized by virtually every federal USAR and DMAT team in America. These unique, high-quality multi-functional shelters have been proven to provide years of dependable service under the most extreme conditions. Plus they provide additional utility for operations and events of all kinds. Many departments order additional shelters to expand their rehab capabilities—or to go beyond rehab as field hospitals, command and control centers, temporary barracks, and a wide range of training and “non-incident” uses.

    This multi-purpose octagonal shelter offers added utility as:

    • A shade cover with roof only
    • Wind break, using one or both wall panels
    • Privacy tent
    • Command center
    • Temporary field hospital
    • Classroom
    • Media control center
    • Field Hospital
  • Seating for responders and paramedics: 1 Six-person Collapsible Insta-Bench

    A comfortable bench for up to six…or a roomy cot for one.

    A heavy Duty collapsible bench with a steel frame and Cordura seating surface. Holds up to 6 people. Rated for over 1500 pounds. Adds quick, comfortable seating to your shelter while maximizing logistical floor space. Compact stored size of 24” x 24” x 6”. Instantly expands to over 8.5’ long. Ideal for convenient seating inside or outside Rehab shelters or a wide range of other applications. Yet it takes up minimal space when stored. Backless design allows personnel or stretchers to lie flat.

    Includes heavy-duty nylon storage and carry case. Fits into Rehab Kit Accessories Bag with other included components.
    Folds to fit into its convenient carry case—or expands—in seconds.
    • Collapsible Bench
    • Specifications:
    • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
    • Cordura seating surface
    • Capacity: 6 adults
    • Weight rating: 1500 lbs.
    • Folded Size: 24" x 24" x 6"
    • Expanded Size: 8.5' x 2'
    • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Crew Boss Folding Rehab Stools: Compact, comfortable seating for paramedics and responders.

    Seating doesn’t get much simpler. Or more portable. Yet these little folding stools are surprisingly comfortable for resting during rehab, or ministering to those who are. They fold up small and compact—to not much more than a bundle of three lightweight aluminum poles with a strap to wrap them…and make carrying practically effortless.
  • Medical Supplies Organizer with hard writing surface. Hangs on an interior wall of the shelter, or wherever you need it.

  • Crowd Control Gear: 6 "REHAB" Cone Covers (cones not included)
  • "REHAB" day/night Barricade Tape 2 1000' rolls. Hi-vis & reflective heavy-duty 3mil x 3inch x 1000ft (stanchion not included)
  • Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory. Portable Bucket Toilet with Pop-up Privacy Shelter. Includes sanitary gel disposal pouches for both liquid and solid waste.
  • Anywhere White Board Kit lets you turn almsot any flat surface into a re-usable white board.
    Crew Boss: Anywhere White Board Kit

    Stop writing on the windows. Forget about having to write important signs directly on equipment or walls. Stop writing critical notes on paper sheets that won’t stand up to a little water. Forget about wrestling with rolls of tape to stick them up. And forget about losing valuable information when the incident is over.

    Turn almost any flat surface into a re-usable white board. The Crew Boss Anywhere White Board Kit makes it all easier than ever—with dozens of static-cling White Boards that you can stick up and use just about anywhere. It gives you all the writing room you need—for your Rehab Unit, Command and Control Center, temporary classrooms, or practically any place you’d wish you had a real white board.

    Totally portable. Completely reusable. Thoroughly practical. This unique, all-inclusive portable white board kit includes 35(?) static-cling dry erase sheets, broad and fine tip dry erase markers, eraser, and a durable, waterproof 4" x 29" storage tube with a convenient carry strap. The smooth, flexible white plastic sheets each measure 27" x 34", giving you plenty of room to write. They’ll "stick" to almost any surface including shelter fabric and insulation. Without tape, pins, clips or cumbersome stands…and without a hassle. Just put them into place, smooth them out with your hands, and start writing with the standard dry-erase markers. When you’re finished, the sheets can be removed, rolled or folded, and kept for future reference. Of course you can erase them, and re-use them, at any time.


    • 35 each 27" x 34" Static cling dry erase sheets
    • 4 Assorted fine tip dry erase markers
    • 4 Assorted broad tip dry erase markers
    • 1 Eraser
    • 1 4" x 29" storage/carry tube with strap
    • 1 Roll high-wind tape
  • Portable hand washing station
  • Soft-sided folding Cooler & Towels

Vehicle Kit Physical Specs: 3 pcs.

  • Storage for your food and water supplies

Frame Bag:
Dimensions:7.5' x 20" x 20"
Packed Weight:: 132 lbs

Cover Bag:
3' x 3' x 2';
Packed Weight: 114 lbs

Accessories Bag:
Dimensions: 3' x 3' x 2'
Packed Weight: 56 lbs

NOTE: Optional items will NOT fit within the storage bags utilized for the Vehicle Kit. Additional equipment and supplies must be stored and deployed in additional kit bags or added to the optional storage cases.

Options to add utility, comfort, and more space. The Rehab Vehicle Kit can be supplemented or augmented with these and other options to compliment rehab operations, or extend the utility of your kit:

  • Optional roof insulation.
  • Generators
  • Air Filtration Kit
  • Heating Kit
  • Cooling Kit
  • Portable Scene Lighting
  • Metal Shelter Case
  • Metal Accessory Cases
  • Plus a wide range of refills and supplies to keep your Rehab Kit fully equipped and ready for the next call.

See the Crew Boss Rehab Kit Options and Accessories Page for details. Or call TheFireStore at 800 852-6088 for more information.


If the Crew Boss name is new to you as a structural firefighter…
ask any of your Wildland Firefighting brethren. A division of Western Shelter, Corporation, this Oregon-based company has earned a solid reputation as one of America’s premier manufacturers of Wildland/Interface/Stationwear clothing and gear. Crew Boss brings 25 years of Made-in-America commitment—with an ISO-certified reputation for quality—to the serious task of providing Firefighter Rehab solutions that would be both effective and affordable. After two years of extensive research and committed development, the results of their efforts can make the difficult job of providing for the health and welfare of your crew easier than you ever have imagined.

Shipping Notes:

Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kits will ship directly from the manufacturer’s factory, usually within one week of the date we receive your order. These products will incur additional freight and handling fees due to dimensional weight and mode of delivery. When your order is placed online, these additional fees will be added to your cart. If you wish to receive a shipping quote prior to placing your order, please call 1-800-852-6088 and a quote specialist will be happy to assist you.

Special discounts may apply for high volume sales. Contact our Bids & Quotes department for more information.