Crew Boss CB-16 Rehab Shelter

Crew Boss CB-16 Rehab Shelter

Crew Boss CB-16 Rehab Shelter Crew Boss

Crew Boss CB-16 Rehab Shelter

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Made In USA

A stable, roomy, versatile 16’ shelter that sets up in minutes for Fire Rehab and so much more.

  • 205 sq.ft. octagonal shelter has removable wall panels, windows, 2 doors, roof vent, and floor
  • Easily transported in its two heavy-duty storage bags
  • Can be erected in under 5 minutes by 2 or 3 people
  • Made to handle a variety of options for climate control
  • Priced within the range of many grant programs
  • Designed to help meet NFPA 1584, 2008 Edition Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises

Take shelter. Fire rehab begins with relief from climatic conditions. The Crew Boss CB-16 Shelter delivers. Because you can’t administer adequate rest and rehabilitation on a bumper or curb, Crew Boss fire rehab kits are built around the roomy 205 sq. ft., 16’-diameter octagonal Crew Boss CB-16 Shelter. This stable, temporary “building” is easy to transport in its two heavy duty storage bags. Then it goes up fast. In fact, it can be completely set up by two or three people—in under 5 minutes. You’ll find this versatile structure perfect for practically any fire-ground operation. The shelter includes a tarp floor, tie-down kit, and two specially made heavy-duty vinyl storage bags that can be easily tossed into a pickup truck, SUV, command vehicle, or apparatus tool compartment. With some optional equipment, it can be efficiently heated or air conditioned. And it provides an exceptional amount of usable space to meet your rehab requirements...and much more.

There’s plenty of room inside for treatment, monitoring, or Command & Control. Water cooler and folding tables, benches, and seating are included in the more comprehensive Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit, Rehab Kart Kit and/or the Rehab Trailer Kit. See those listings, and optional equipment for details. Medical equipment and cases must be purchased separately

The Crew Boss CB-16 Shelter can be set up by two or three people in under 5 minutes. 

One sturdy shelter. Practically endless utility. Whether you are on scene for a few hours or several days, rain or shine, the versatility of the CB-16 Portable Shelter is practically endless. This durable shelter is a brother of the well known Western Shelter and GateKeeper systems utilized by virtually every federal USAR and DMAT team in America. These unique, high-quality multi-functional shelters have been proven to provide years of dependable service under the most extreme conditions. Plus they provide additional utility for operations and events of all kinds. Many departments order additional shelters to expand their rehab capabilities—or to go beyond rehab as field hospitals, command and control centers, temporary barracks, and a wide range of training and “non-incident” uses, such as:

  • A shade cover with roof only
  • Wind break, using one or both wall panels
  • Privacy tent
  • Command center
  • Temporary field hospital
  • Classroom
  • Media control center
  • Field Hospital
  • Recreation center

Options to add utility, comfort, and more space. The Crew Boss CB 16 Shelter can be supplemented or augmented with these and other options to compliment rehab operations, or extend its utility to other uses. Please call 800-852-6088 for more information.

  • Optional roof insulation
  • Optional UV filter roof screen
  • Generators
  • Shelter Air Filtration Kit
  • Shelter Heating Kit
  • Shelter Cooling Kit
  • Portable Scene Lighting
  • Metal Shelter Case
  • Metal Accessory Cases
More comprehensive options for Rehab. The CB 16 Shelter can also be purchased as part of a complete Crew Boss Rehab Kit—a more comprehensive portable package that includes much of the equipment and supplies necessary to set up an effective on-scene rehab site based on NFPA 1584 requirements. Depending on the Rehab Kit selected, it can come with collapsible seating, a portable toilet with separate shelter, a whiteboard kit, medical organizer with writing desk, hand washing stations, water tanks, coolers, towels, tarps, misting fan, and more—including a sturdy rolling kart to store and move it all…and a custom-engineered Rehab Trailer which opens up to become an advanced, climate-controlled EMT treatment facility with a large fold-out awning for additional shelter area outside. For more information about NFPA 1584 or Crew Boss Rehab Kits, click on the Crew Boss Rehab Vehicle Kit, Crew Boss Rehab Kart Kit, or Crew Boss Rehab Trailer Kit in Related Products below. Or call us at 800-852-6088.

If the Crew Boss name is new to you as a structural firefighter…
ask any of your Wildland Firefighting brethren. A division of Western Shelter, Corporation, this Oregon-based company has earned a solid reputation as one of America’s premier manufacturers of Wildland/Interface/Stationwear clothing and gear. Crew Boss brings 25 years of Made-in-America commitment—with an ISO-certified reputation for quality—to the serious task of providing Firefighter Rehab solutions that would be both effective and affordable. After two years of extensive research and committed development, the results of their efforts can make the difficult job of providing for the health and welfare of your crew easier than you ever have imagined.

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Crew Boss Rehab Shelters will ship directly from the manufacturer’s factory, usually within one week of the date we receive your order. These products will incur additional freight and handling fees due to dimensional weight and mode of delivery. When your order is placed online, these additional fees will be added to your cart. If you wish to receive a shipping quote prior to placing your order, please call 1-800-852-6088 and a quote specialist will be happy to assist you.

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